Romina Carrisi, shows her sexiest part

The daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, Romina Carrisi, has decided to show off her sexiest part in a shot posted on Instagram that has conquered everyone.

Romina Carrisi, the daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power shows her sexiest part (web source)

Born in Cellino San Marco in 1987, Romina Carrisi is the youngest of the children of Al Bano and Romina Power. Like her brothers Ylenia (mysteriously disappeared in 1993), Yari and Cristèl, she has followed in the footsteps of her parents by becoming part of the entertainment world.

The youngest of the family grew up between Italy and the United States and, to support herself, she worked as a saleswoman and in a night club. In the meantime, she has cultivated her passions by dedicating herself to photography – she already has several exhibitions under her belt – and acting.

The affirmation on television

Romina has shown that she has a multifaceted talent. Actress, model and photographer, she made herself known by the public with her participation in the reality show “The island of the famous”. Her experience that she later admitted she didn’t really like: at the time, she wasn’t ready to face such an adventure.

For a long time she was contacted by numerous broadcasts, interested in having her in their studies as a columnist because of her “famous surname”. She herself revealed that she suffered because of the notoriety of the family and that she felt diminished as being only described as “her daughter”, without anyone really caring about her.

In recent times, Romina has finally managed to establish herself on the small screen and has landed on “Today is another day”, program conducted by Serena Bortone. For her it was an excellent opportunity to test herself, showing her talents and distinguishing herself for her ability to interact with guests.

In recent months, he has attracted a lot of curiosity from gossip magazines, interested in his new relationship with a man twenty years older than her. For a long time the identity of the latter remained hidden but now we know that it is Stefano Rastellian outdoor director whom he met right on the set of “Today is another day”.

“The most glamorous accessory of the summer”

Despite the controversy, Romina and Stefano have decided not to be discouraged by the age difference and carry on their relationship. At the moment, they are enjoying their holidays in Croatia – where Cristèl has lived for years with her husband – and Romina seems to have found her serenity.

The showgirl is experiencing a period of greater light-heartedness and confidence. This is demonstrated by the shot posted on Instagram in recent weeks: in the photo, Romina is on the beach and, in addition to the swimsuit, she is wearing a colorful blouse.

Romina Carrisi (via Instagram)
Romina Carrisi (via Instagram)

For this shot she wanted to show her sexier side: we are talking about bacon, “the most glamorous accessory of summer 2022” as she herself stated. “For years she has been my greatest enemy. I hated her and swore war, ”she explained in her comments.

But after so many years of being ashamed, something has changed: “The importance. It is no longer important whether I have a belly or not. So here it is in all its glory “ he stated in conclusion. The shot was much appreciated by the fans. With or without bacon, Romina is always “muy guapa” as stated by one of her followers. In the end, what she matters is to feel comfortable.

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