“Rossi needs time”, then the suggestion on structures in Italy

Even on the second day of Youth League Napoli Primavera ran into one defeat. After the 1-2 inside immediately against Liverpool, this afternoon the blue they were defeated 3-2 by Rangers. At the end of the match, the technician Frustalupi spoke exclusively to the microphones of SpaceNaples. The following is highlighted:

“Unfortunately the Rangers have us put in trouble from the start. We knew these Anglo-Saxon teams, as had already happened against the Liverpoolthey have something more than us in terms of rhythm. At first we were unable to limit their vehemence with the ball possessionwhich we did instead better in the second halfwhen they have dropped.

Useful experience for the growth of children? Without a doubt, the Youth League is one shop window very useful for kids and a competition they can get experience in. We have to take the good things with us and review the mistakes, to get back in championship where, of course, we are losing some points due to the efforts accumulated in Europe. In any case, this experience is useful both to the boys and to the team in general.

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“A step ahead of us on structures”

Structures? We just have to take an example from these clubs. I spent a year in Watford with Mazzarri and, from the point of view of the infrastructures, I am a step ahead of us. Working in these environments is certainly better than in environments we are used to. Of course we coaches have little to do with it, they come into play investments of federations and clubs, but there is still a bit of regret.

What did I tell the boys at the end? Simply that it had to be more ready to start because they would put it on the level of rhythm, we knew that. We were also a little unluckysince we got the first goal on one rejected and we could have avoided it. I still take the positive things as happened in second half. When we did what we have prepared these days it went better, including the first goal which was an action we had prepared earlier.

Rossi? It is settling in, I tried it in a slightly different position and it seems to me that it went well. It is clear that he must enter the mechanisms, will surely give us a hand. Unfortunately he trained little with the team, we have had several consecutive games. Now we have a full week, we’ll see if we can integrate it better “.

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