Rudy Zerby and Ida Platano, the gesture of the lady of Men and Women triggers gossip

New gossip coming to the audience of Men and Women: Rudy Zerbi and Ida Platano in what relationship are they? The rumor is triggered by a gesture that has not gone unnoticed, made by the lady of the throne over.

In recent weeks we have got to see the focus of the attention of the web Ida Platano in view of the return to Men and Womenwhich was questioned by new circumstances precisely in the day in which the filming of the first episodes of the program officially began.

The gossip was triggered by a gesture that the lady of the throne over put in place precisely towards Rudy Zerbi, which certainly did not go unnoticed by the people of the web and beyond. Here’s what it is.

Still gossip for Ida Platano: the gesture for Zerbi

Over the last few weeks it has been the sensational end of the dream of love between Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnierijust when it seemed that love for them had triumphed once again a Men and women.

The lady and the knight have taken different directions in life and both are expected in the studios of the program, but could something change soon? In fact, we find in the sights of gossip Ida Platano with Rudy Zerbi given that for them the gossip about a possible flirtation has been spread. A news that immediately made the rounds of the web and that left even the fans speechless. Galeotto to gossip would have been a gesture implemented by Platano.

In what relationships are the lady of Men and Women and Zerbi?

Well yes, this is the question that fans of Men and Women and Friends have recently been placed, all after the publication of a very special video for Rudy Zerbion the occasion of his birthday party.

Furthermore, following the video in question, there were numerous personalities from the entertainment world who wrote their personal message of good wishes for the former record company, radio speaker and singing professor. Friends of Maria De Filippi… here is also the comment published by Ida Platano. A few simple words that have triggered the gossip and that have prompted the people of the web to ask themselves: are the lady and the teacher of Amici just friends or something more?

A question to which, however, at the moment there is no answer, even if between the two it seems there is only and exclusively a simple friendship.

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