Ryan Reynolds has a tumor. The discovery? Thanks to a lost bet

Three daughters, a famous and beautiful wife and a long career in the world of cinema. We’re talking about Ryan Reinolds, the 46-year-old Canadian actor who recently starred in two Netflix hits, Red Notice And The Adam Project. But if we usually talk about him for one of his film roles or for the very strong bond with his wife Blake Lively, former face of Gossip Girl, with whom he forms one of the most envied couples of Hollydood, today Ryan Reinolds is at the center of the news for his tumor discovered thanks to a “joke”. The actor, in fact, discovered, after a colonoscopy made on live TV, almost for fun and carried out only because he had lost a bet with a friend, that he had a colon polyp and this experience of his became the protagonist of a television commercial for prevention.

Ryan Reinolds’ gamble and the discovery of the tumor

It all started when Reynolds made a bet with his friend, actor Rob McElhenney. Reynolds bet that McElhenney was not fluent in Welsh. Only after this proved Reynolds wrong, did the two undergo a colonoscopy in front of the cameras and recovered as they recovered from anesthesia. This check, carried out almost for fun, actually allowed the gastroenterologist Jonathan LaPook, who carried out the examination, to find a very thin polyp on the right side of Reynolds’ colon which was therefore able to intervene promptly. If not, the polyp would have turned into cancer and even become dangerous.

This experience has become a way to raise awareness among Americans about prevention considering also the fact that colon cancer is the third most common in the United States.


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