(S) Viewed from afar – Genoa lost a great chance against Parma

Genoa loses a great opportunity against Parma which, together with Cagliari, is the team best equipped for direct promotion. The regret is not so much for the leader of the league lost, but because the Griffin would have gained an advantage in the direct clashes against the Crusaders.

Parma’s last-minute draw leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans, also because a little more attention would have been enough to bring home the victory.

Some fans have begun to put Blessin in the dock, highlighting some important limitations. Others defend him with a sword, highlighting the oversights referees, the errors of individuals, the difficulty of the calendar of the first four days and the toughness of the Serie B championship in general.

The truth lies somewhere in between. Genoa has had a rather soft calendar so far: Venice and Pisa are in the slums of the standings and have nothing to do with the teams that were in June. Two home draws between Parma and Benevento, if you want to win the championship, it’s still a small thing.

Genoa has a great structural limit: they always and only play in the same way. Blessin never changes strategy, not even when he should realize that the team is unable to close the game. The approach of one-to-one changes does not work in Serie B, because there are capable coaches (like Pecchia) who know how to change the skin of their team and you have to respond.

Someone explain to us why on Saturday, at minute 85, the coach did not remove a tip to put a halfback (I know… Strootman), putting the game on ice.

Genoa is predictable. After all, it is enough to look at the results to see that Genoa, including the Italian Cup, have won few games and never by more than a goal difference.

Blessin will have to invent new strategies to exploit the squad’s potential, otherwise Genoa will always have a hard time winning.

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