Salernitana-Lecce, the updated presale data. ALL AT THE STADIUM!

Update 14-09: the communication area has provided the official data of tickets sold 48 hours after the direct clash with Lecce. At 8 pm 9200 coupons were removed, of which 780 on the yellow and red side. Excellent response from the public of faith grenade and also from the torcida host, confirmed the presence of about 250 Bari supporters who will be divided between the South and distinct curves. The weather forecasts are not encouraging, but it is necessary to be all at the stadium also as a sign of gratitude to the property. At the moment the certain presences are 17300.

Update 13-09: the pre-sale of tickets to attend the match scheduled for Friday evening at the Arechi stadium continues at a rapid pace. At 9 pm, the altitude reached 7400, including 650 guests. Adding up the subscriber fee we are already at 15500, naturally a sharp surge is expected starting from tomorrow morning. The presence in the South curve of about 250 Bari supporters has been announced who, as always, will guarantee unconditional support to Salernitana, strengthening a historic and truly thrilling twinning.

Update 12-09 at 11 pm: fourth day of free sale and positive response from the Salerno public who will loudly support their favorites in the fundamental direct confrontation with Lecce. At 11pm, the 6,000 mark is exceeded, adding the subscriber quota we are already 14100 certain presences when there are still several days to go. Of these about 500 on the yellow and red side

First day of presale for Salernitana-Lecce and overall positive response from the grenade supporters. At 11pm, 1100 was reached, important numbers considering that there is still more than a week left for the game and that today only Granata Card holders could buy the ticket. From tomorrow at 10 am free sale. Adding up the subscriber fee we are therefore over 9200. Problems are reported in the afternoon on the Vivaticket circuit. There should be no restrictions for guests.

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