Salvatore cornered, painful decision

New appointment with the soap opera of Il Paradiso delle Signore on this Wednesday afternoon: detailed previews

Salvatore Amato’s character (RaiPlay screenshot)

The usual rich week of broadcasting continues for The Paradise of the Ladies. A new appointment with the soap opera is in fact expected also for this afternoon starting from 16.05 on Rai 1. A new intense episode able to give a sensational twist before the weekend break.

In this new installment there will be a real turning point for the character of Salvatore Amato who will find himself having to deal with a very difficult decision. The young bartender will have to attend the departure of two of the most important in his life, namely his mother Agnese and his wife Anna Imbriani.

The Paradise of the Ladies, the anticipations of September 23: the departure of Anna

Anna Imbriani’s character (RaiPlay screenshot)

After the phone call arrived at the office, Anna he will find himself having to make a very difficult decision. The young accountant of the Paradise in fact, he will have to leave immediately Milan to accompany his mother to America for an urgent and very delicate operation. The woman, however, will choose to leave alone, thus leaving Savior alone in Milan.

However, this will not be the only twist to manage for the young bartender. In fact, the young Amato will also see his mother Agnes leave the Lombard capital to join his daughter Tina in London and struggling with a particularly complicated pregnancy.

Meanwhile, within the walls of the Milanese bar also for Marcello there will be no good news. The young bartender will in fact confirm the decision to want to win back Ludovica Brancia of Montalto despite his photos in the magazines in the company of Torrebruna.

Meanwhile, also at home Colombo there will be some unexpected news. There Venus Clara in fact, he will decide to pay back Gem after the help received in the shop confessing to his mother Veronica what happened in the convent. The young woman will reveal to the Zanatta of her daughter’s gesture in favor of the little one Luigino: the child has in fact left the orphanage after finally finding a family.

Finally, one of the most important events will be staged within the walls of the Milanese department store, namely the presentation of the book by Stefania Colombo. Present with her family, her friends but also the journalist Brunella Gasperini while there will be an illustrious absentee.

Happy for the success of the presentation, Vittorio Conti however, he will find himself facing one Matilde Frigerio of Sant’Erasmo in tears and upset.

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