Salvini divides the center-right on the sanctions against Putin: “The war is worsening.” Melons: “They must stay”

The sanctions European a Vladimir Putin divide the alliance of center right. The case was raised yesterday, 23 August Matteo Salvinisecretary of the League, who before taking the stage of the CL meeting in Rimini said: “I don’t want our sanctions to fuel the war.” “Let’s look at the numbers, I ask you to evaluate the usefulness of the tool,” he said, and then turned to theEuropean Union: “I hope Brussels is thinking about it.” In the days preceding the closing of the lists, Salvini and his party were repeatedly accused of having ties with Fly. The secretary has always denied having contact with the Kremlin. They immediately responded to Salvini’s position by defending the measures against Moscow Enrico Letta And Mario Draghiand then there was also the distancing of Giorgia Meloni. For the president of Brothers of Italywhich is echoed by the right arm Francesco Lollobrigida, the sanctions must remain, while adding that we need “compensation mechanisms for the economies that are paying a higher price” for the consequences that the measures entail. Also Antonio Tajani from Come on Italy defends them (at least for now): “For the moment they should not be removed, even if they must not be eternal”.

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