Samantha Cristoforetti photographs the aurora from Space: “It’s the most stunning I’ve ever seen” – The images

“The most stunning auroras I have ever experienced”. The most stunning auroras ever. Like this Samantha Cristoforetti introduced the photos published in the last few hours by the International Space Station. The Italian astronaut is in orbit with the Minerva mission and in recent weeks he has published several photos of our planet as seen from Space, including those in which invite his followers to recognize the rivers and lakes of Italy. Cristoforetti is match for his mission last April 27 for a trip that should last five months. Meanwhile she has already had way to connect with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and also to make a historical one spacewalk for maintenance activities.

Of all the images published so far from his Twitter account, these are perhaps the most incredible. The photographed auroras rise from the earth’s atmosphere with a bright green which then turns to red. All with the Space Station profile reflecting light. Reading the hashtags used by Cristoforetti it can be understood that that shot is not the Northern Lights that can be seen moving to the highest latitudes of Europe but thesouthern aurorathe one that develops around the South Pole and envelops the frozen continent of Antarctica.

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