sanctions and restitution down to the last cent, the hard turning point that scares everyone

Too many things are changing on the 110% superbonus, and those who have requested it now regret it.

Let’s try to understand what is happening. First of all as regards the 110% superbonus, it is essential to realize that it is now in the crosshairs of the government.


In fact too many fraud have emerged on the 110% superbonus and house bonuses in general. The government has realized that to create ghost yards or existing yards but heavily inflated it’s too simple.

The many problems on house bonuses

Precisely for this reason there is now open talk of having the beneficiaries return up to the last cent of what they received.


Let’s see how it intends to proceed the Revenue Agency. First of all, it must be said that currently there is a real block on the assignment of credit. In fact, the Revenue Agency has made it clear that banks will be considered responsible of all the scams whose credits they have accepted. This concretely means that if the bank he accepts a credit and then tomorrow the heavy tax assessments should come out that the construction site was swollen or even non-existent, the bank will be responsible for everything that happened.

Bonus return

Clearly under these conditions the banks are no longer there to accept credit. The Italian banking association has explicitly recommended to banks to be very cautious in accepting loans and in fact the assignment of credit is now blocked. This means that many families and many businesses are currently pending because they do not know how to deal with the work currently in progress. But the Inland Revenue is really tough as regards the bonuses already paid. In fact, on all super bonuses already paid and in general on all home bonuses that have already been paid, the Revenue Agency is putting field of truly insightful controls. let’s see how they work. The value of the property is compared with the value of the bonus requested.

The new parameters

Furthermore, the value of the bonus requested is also compared with the beneficiary’s economic situation. All the various parameters are crossed with each other and if these parameters do not result in equilibrium, investigations can start also very heavy. For the beneficiary, therefore, a real sting is looming and all the money paid for the bonus can be requested up to the last cent. So surely the taxman has become very hard towards the bonus and many of those who have requested it now are either with construction sites blocked or with the risk of having to return it.

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