Sangiovanni and Giulia Stabile are unrecognizable: how they ‘reduced’

Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni are still together more than a year after the end of Amici, a program in which they met and fell in love. Now an image appears that portrays them completely different from how we remember them. What is it about?

Friends, the famous TV show of Maria De Filippi on the air for over twenty years, has always been a hotbed of talents destined to remain in the various schedules of our TV.

In addition to singers and dancers, Amici is the ideal place for the birth of love stories as the boys are forced to share the joys and sorrows of a school that does not allow for discounts. This is what also happened in the last edition of Amici between the dancer Giulia Stabile and the singer Sangiovanni, still together now. However, something about them seems to have changed.

Giulia and Sangio they were immediately loved by the audience of the program thanks to their genuineness and their simple smiles. Fans have been cheering for them even before the relationship began, when they showed, however, an ambiguous understanding. The 2020 edition, mainly due to the covid restrictions, turned out to be anything but easy to deal with but Sangio and Giulia have found a way to support each other and grow together despite the difficulties.

For this reason, perhaps, that their couple, unlike many exits from Amici, still continues and the two manage to maintain some privacy from curious and prying eyes. To date, they share little of them on social media, preferring to emphasize their work. Yet recently a very different image of the two has emerged from what we’re used to.

The careers of Sangio and Giulia

During the 2020 edition of Friends both Sangiovanni and Giulia they reached the final stage and even the dancer managed to win the first prize. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, finished second but was delighted with his girlfriend’s victory Giulia. After Amici the two sweethearts did not stop for a moment and they wanted to focus on their professional growth without this, however, could affect theirs beautiful relationship.

Sangio, hit after hit, has reached the last edition of Sanremo, collecting the acclaim of critics and public while Giulia continued her commitment to Amici working as a professional. Furthermore, thanks to the profound esteem that the De Filippi rehearsal for the young dancer, Giulia has also tried her hand at conducting the Tu si Que Vales program together with Belen Rodriguez.

In short, these two guys can only spend positive words, for their desire to emerge, to improve and support each other while remaining true to themselves. Now a very special photo of Sangio and Giulia appears, an image that will amaze everyone.

The strange photo of the two is viral on the web

On his social profile Giulia shared a story about it she and Sangio who surprised everyone. It is a photo of the two of them embraced as if they were cartoons. In short, a beautiful artistic gift from a follower and fan of Giulia and Sangio made to pay homage to the couple.

The beautiful Italian-Spanish dancer thanked her follower for the sweet gesture, appreciating its originality. “So cute” adds Giulia while sharing the drawing on Instagram. Plus, she makes an interesting proposal when she writes: “Anyone want us to make a cartoon ?!”. Maybe in the future this joking suggestion will be accepted for real.

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