Sara Croce, a bad problem

Sara Croce, the beautiful Bonas from Avanti an other, got into trouble for love problems. Sometimes being too beautiful and in love doesn’t lead to anything good and that’s exactly what happened to the magnificent showgirl.

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Sara Croce made people talk about herself, but not only for her beauty. Her bursting forms of hers have caught the attention of a significant boyfriend, an Iranian tycoon, Hormoz Vasfi who wanted a relationship at all costs. The Cross was then denounced by the man and is now embroiled in a millionaire lawsuit.

Sara Croce, when love hurts

Sara Croce, the ex Bonas of Avanti un others, gave an interview to The Corriere della Sera in which he told the story. The showgirl ended the relationship with the tycoon after the lockdown and he did not stand up to the situation by denouncing it by declaring that she took advantage of him. For her part, the girl reported being stalked.

“I am very agitated, I feel spied on, I am no longer calm. I have a feeling that someone is controlling me. A few months ago I started a path to get help “. She revealed unpublished things about the magnate, about a New Year’s Eve in New York that ended badly because, being indisposed and unable to satisfy him, a ferocious anger broke out in him. He treated me very badly. She came to throw some of my things out of the window, risking hit someone from the 48th floor in Manhattan. I anticipated my return and went back to Italy alone. We broke up, he blocked my contact on the cell phone. But I was bothered to close the story like this, after we clarified, an attentive and caring man returned “.

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Sara Croce, a bad trouble | Sometimes love can be very expensive

Sara Croce said she saw in that man qualities, besides money, that are difficult to find. He took her by the hand, opened the door for her, and got up when she entered a room. In short, initially the Cross had had to do with a gentleman, but unfortunately he turned out to be a horrendous man. “He spoke five languages, makes interesting speeches, but then he turned out to be horrendous,” La Croce also told Corriere. Instead, he cited the Cross because he claims that she pretended to be in love with him only for profit, to have expensive gifts and exclusive travel. For the defense: “Sara Croce played the part of the girlfriend in love”, but she “she never had a sincere feeling” and for this he must compensate the “pecuniary damage quantified in 1,051,548.72 euros”.

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