Sara, Michela and Monica are the first commanders of the Italian Army: “Women will soon be at the top”

There is one of the first women in Italy to command a battalion Sara Scala42, at the head of the 232nd broadcasting regiment of Avellino. For her it has always been a familiar environment that of the Army: her father is a former non-commissioned officer and professional nurse in the armed forces. It’s at Republic she told how she “always liked the uniform and the life dictated by the rules and the idea of ​​doing something useful in society”. Being a woman in the military isn’t easy. “It wasn’t a walk in the park»Says Scala, especially from the “physical” point of view“. Then, after the academic path, the difficulty – that many working women suffer – also took over in being able to balance private life, family and work. “The fast pace trained me to live in emergency situations and to organize my life. My husband knows the difficulties of work and we switch roles, ”she says. Now, having reached the role of commander, her goal is to be able to demonstrate to her families how “fundamental and possible it is for a woman to feel fulfilled”.

The story of Michela De Santis and Monica Segat

But Sara Scala is not the only one. The first women who entered the Academy in Modena in 2001 have now reached the role of lieutenant colonel in command of a battalion. At the moment, there are already 3 women, who will reach 7 by the end of the current year. In addition to Scala, there are Michela De Santis and Monica Segat. The latter, from Vittorio Veneto, will lead a battalion of the Alpini made up of about 450 military personnel. «It takes conviction, tenacity and a spirit of sacrifice. It was difficult for everyone, men and women. And I have never felt any difference in treatment, ”commented a Republic. If Scala and Segat are daughters of art, Michela De Santis is not, but she says she has always had the vocation. You are now in command of one of the 4 tactical groups of the Safe Roads operation and you are at the head of a Cagliari battalion of nearly 500 soldiers. You are keen to emphasize that gender diversity in the weapon is an asset, despite the fact that in Italy there are still many steps to be taken for real equality. “Women have no limits, we will reach the top of the pyramid. It’s only a matter of time, but we’ll get there»Concludes De Santis.

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