Sarah Palin defeated at the polling station in Alaska, Mary Peltola elected –

from Marilisa Palumbo, sent to New York

The former governor, a Trump-backed Republican, was beaten by the Democrat. She’s the first elected native in the state

Sarah Palin He did not make it. Ten years after she resigned from governor of Alaska – in the middle the end of the thirty-year marriage with Todd and a lot of reality TV – the “lipstick pit bull” who was the controversial ticket companion of John McCain in the 2008 presidential elections he lost the race for the only seat in the House of his state. The post had been vacated until the end of his mandate in January following the death of the republican Don Young, which had occupied it for thirty years. To beat Palin in the suppletive the Democratic Mary Peltolathird another Republican, Nick Begich.

All three will race again in November for a full term. Peltola she will be the first woman to represent Alaska in the House, the first native (a Yup’ik Eskimo) and the first Democrat in 50 years. The defeat of Palin, which some define almost a “progenitor” of trumpismand which Trump has supported by going to campaign for her, it would seem the umpteenth proof of difficulties of the Republicans and a good time for the Democrats. Alaska – the reform was approved in a referendum in 2020 – chooses its representatives with the classified-choice voting system: voters cast their first three preferences, if no one gets 50% they pass the two candidates with the most votes and the second choices of those who voted for the loser are redistributed among those who remain. The fact that Begich, the loser, who is also a Republican, had suggested that Palin was ahead, and instead lost by nearly three percentage points. Peltola – who campaigned on fishing (fundamental in the state) and on the right to choice over abortion – a moderate Democrat, a friend of Young’s family and with a good relationship with Palin too. Her victory came on her birthday. “A NICE DAY”, He tweeted in capital letters after the results were published.

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