SBK 2022. French GP at Magny Cours. Bautista: “Today Rea proved he is not a champion” – Superbike

TOlvaro reacted harshly to the accident caused by Rea which excluded him from Race 2. His belief is that Jonny intentionally hit him to throw him off the track.

Do you agree with the Race Direction’s decision to penalize Rea with a long lap?

After what he did to me, it would have been fairer that even he could not have finished the race. Exactly as it happened to me that I have not collected even a point. He instead finished the race in fifth place. A black flag would have been fairer.

Here, however, we are not just talking about points and the championship, but about safety. Luckily I didn’t do anything, but I really risked getting hurt. What if I broke my leg? If it had been a mistake I would have understood it.

In the race they can happen, but today it seems clear to me that Rea intentionally hit me. Race Direction, FIM and Dorna shouldn’t accept this kind of thing, but obviously it’s not me who decides.

Have you talked to Jonny?

No, but he knows very well what happened and what he intended to do with that maneuver. I have nothing to tell him. Today he showed us that he is a fast and winning driver, but what he has done does not identify him as a champion. A true champion doesn’t do these things.

If no one makes a complaint, no further decision will be taken against Rea

But I’m not the one who has to go to Race Direction, it would be them who should see and understand what actually happened. If a driver hits another driver and knocks him off the track he must be penalized with a black flag. There shouldn’t be a need for a complaint. But today it wasn’t like that.

In the race, contacts can happen

On the track there are often very heated fights and contacts, but they are part of the sporting rivalry. In Race 2 today there was no sporting fight. He hit me to throw me out. It is not sport, it is a personal attack.

Can this accident be compared to the one that occurred in Assen between Toprak and Rea himself?

That was more of a racing accident. Today I was in my line and he threw me out. It’s a different thing.

In spite of everything, you haven’t lost many points in the standings and you are always in the lead.

Yes, it’s true, but I lost the points through no fault of my own and I am very sorry about that. In Donington I crashed alone, it can happen, but here I crashed because of an opponent and I’m sorry to lose points like this. For the rest we have shown that we are now competitive on all tracks, even on those that on paper should not be favorable for our V4.


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