Scam worth one and a half million euros, asked for 10 years for financial promoter

LECCE – The self-styled financial promoter Fabiano Simoes Santos, 45 years old of Brazilian origin, risks ten years in prison, accused of having deceived numerous families from Lecce by appropriating their savings for a figure close to one and a half million euros. In recent days, the deputy prosecutor Donatina Buffelli who investigated him and obtained, in February 2018, arrest in prison (now he is free), presented him with the bill.

The final decision will be up to the judge of the first criminal section of the Court of Lecce Elena Coppola, before whom the trial is taking place.

According to the investigations, the man would have defrauded dozens of customers, some of whom lured through invitations to dinner in luxurious restaurants, promising interest from 48 to 120 percent on the sums invested in online advertising banners to be resold or rented to the main world sites and international search engines.

A total of 36 offended people were identified by the investigation who, in July 2018, entered a civil action during the preliminary hearing before judge Antonia Martalò.

To put the handcuffs on the man’s wrists were the financiers of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the provincial command, led by Colonel Nicola De Santis, as part of the operation baptized “Advertising corp”, from the name of the company created by the accused based in Belize and equipped with a professional website.

In the next hearing, on 25 November, the floor will pass to the defense of the accused, represented by the lawyer Pantaleo Cannoletta, and to the lawyers of the civil parties, Giuseppe Romano, Pierluigi Cornacchia, Stefano De Francesco, Alfredo Coluccia, Luca Schinzari, Tiziana Dell ‘ Anna, Luigi Renna, Giuseppe Napoli.


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