self-acceptance has finally declined to the masculine

“Skam” in Norwegian means “shame”, “embarrassment,” and whoever has so far followed the Italian version of the cult series produced by Cross Production and brought to the general public by Netflix, knows that at the center of each season, there is a protagonist with his story of ‘shame’ and his path of self-acceptance. A path that this year is that of Elia, a character present since the first season, but so far remained in the shadow compared to the other young protagonists. The fifth season of “Skam Italia” brings us to know the story and the torments of an apparently light and superficial boy who, seen up close, is not at all what he appears to be.

The absolute protagonist of this new season is therefore Francesco Centorame (Elia), but this year we find in the cast, in addition to historical confirmations, also important news. The biggest are: Lea Gavino who plays Viola, the girl Elia falls in love with and who is in fact the co-star of this season, and Asia, Viola’s complicated friend played by Nicole Rossi. The most loved faces of the spectators have been confirmed in the cast: Beatrice Bruschi (Sana), Federico Cesari (Martino), Giancarlo Commare (Edoardo), Rocco Fasano (Niccolò), Ibrahim Keshk (Rami), Martina Lelio (Federica), Ludovica Martino (Eva ), Mehdi Meskar (Malik), Greta Ragusa (Silvia), Ludovico Tersigni (Giovanni), Pietro Turano (FIlippo), Nicholas Zerbini (Luchino).

Skam Italia 5, the plot

It’s been a year since we left them grappling with maturity, and the lives of Skam’s kids are changing. Almost all of them have left the classrooms and corridors of the Kennedy High School to start their university career. To remain in high school is Elia, who has to repeat the year, and without his historical company he feels rather lonely and less and less interested in school.

And it is Elia himself who is the absolute protagonist of Skam Italia 5. The spectators will closely follow the human events of this character who in the first seasons remained in the background, appearing mainly as one of the historical friends of Giovanni and Martino, of whom we only knew so far. interest in Sana and little else.

On the other hand, Elia is the classic boy who appears a bit ‘beautiful and impossible’ to his classmates. He’s popular, he sings in a band, he’s successful with girls, yet he’s never had a serious relationship. Everyone looks at him a bit like the classic guy who loves to have fun and go from girl to girl without commitment, but the reality is very different. And the viewers will gradually discover her, also thanks to the new character of Viola (Lea Gavino), who will make the protagonist fall in love and help him to face the insecurities that block him.

Skam Italia 5, toxic stereotypes about masculinity at the center of the new season

Since its inception, this Norwegian format has been considered innovative for its ability to tell adolescence ‘from within’, overcoming stereotypes and standardized visions, also thanks to the ‘Skam method’. In fact, the screenwriters, before writing their stories, talk to teenagers, interview them, enter their world completely, and then bring it back in a form that manages to convey much more authenticity than the average of audiovisual products that try to tell the story. ever changing teen world.
This explains a success that has brought the series to many countries, and that in Italy has been sensational, so much so that the original Norwegian format has stopped at the fourth season, while the public will be able to watch from 1 September on Netflix, for the fifth year. , the adventures of the Italian boys protagonists of Skam.

An edition, therefore, which was conceived in an even more independent way from the original format and which engaged the authors Ludovico Bessegato and Alice Urciuolo in the search for a theme not yet treated and which, like the others, is really linked to reality. of today’s teenagers.

In fact, what is told following the story of Elia, a specific theme never addressed by the great seriality and which embraces and concretizes the broader discourse on the necessary path of self acceptance, already declined in other ways, but always central in the seasons precedents of ‘Skam’, and that of overcoming so many toxic prejudices and stereotypes about masculinity that do as much damage as those about femininity.

Through the story of Elia, a boy who grows up in a society that puts so much pressure on young men to reach unrealistic standards, which does not allow them to have the right space and time for a deep knowledge of themselves and of their their emotions, the fifth season of “Skam Italia” opens a glimpse on a theme that is still taboo and which instead concerns the daily life of many young people.
Here bullying, body shaming, prejudice, stereotypes, never feeling up to the standards that society imposes are declined in the male and are told not only as a path of individual difficulty and suffering, but also as a responsibility social. At school there is no space and time to talk about these things, Elia’s ‘skam’, ‘shame’ becomes an invisible wall that cannot be broken down even with one’s own ‘community’ of trusted friends, because it is too heavy. and the social stigma that a boy like him feels weighing on his shoulders is widespread.

Also in this fifth season, therefore, “Skam Italia” confirms itself as a series capable of bringing us to face the adolescence of these fast and confused years, overcoming every stereotype, both content and narrative, and giving us back a fresco that still appears, for the fifth season, fresh and authentic.

Rating: 7


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