Selvaggia Roma talks about gay adoptions and unleashes the wrath of Tommaso Zorzi

Question and answer at a distance between Tommaso Zorzi and Selvaggia Roma. The two former tenants of Big Brother 5 are the center of attention in the last hours regarding some statements that the former face of Temptation Island would have left.

Several hours ago Selvaggia spoke about gay adoptions on her Instagram profile:

I have a lot of homosexual friends, but they think like me. I do not agree. I feel compelled to say that a child must have two figures like a mom and a dad. I believe that these figures should not be imposed on him. Grow and multiply they said. When they grow up, they will decide whether to multiply or stop and love their sex.

An opinion that generated the piqued reaction of Tommaso Zorzi:

Speaking only of adoptions, if I adopt a child from a mother and a father who were not able to keep him, and to adopt that child I do months and months of bureaucracy, I spend hundreds of thousands of euros and I am two years in dance with the bureaucracy, it is because I want that child with all of myself. Biologically a straight guy can have it with a fuck. This does not mean that he must not have children, God forbid, nature works like this.

But if I, who want to have a child, have to go through all that process, it is because I want that child and I want to cover him with love. So I cannot be told that a child must have a mother and a father when that mother and father who gave that child into the world then leave him in an orphanage. I’m freaking out.

However, the worrying fact today is that the slice of people who are against it is a little bit thicker. For the simple fact that before there was a modesty to keep these slightly retrograde visions to oneself. Now in view of the times that are unfortunately about to change in this country, they feel more entitled to express this thought which is absolutely harmful to a category of people. This thing should not be underestimated and it is very worrying, but unfortunately we have to learn to live with it and shield ourselves.

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