Serena Rossi collects a new record

Mina Settembre is very close to airing and in the meantime Serena Rossi collects a new record, a success that arrives even before the broadcast of the television series. Here’s what it is.

Serena Rossi during her career she had the opportunity to get involved with all her talent that saw the cult moment at Tale & Quali Show, winning the show hosted by Carlo Conti, and proving to be a real showgirl.

Over the years, in fact, for the Campania actress she has been counted as one of the most beautiful and talented women in the Italian show business and Mina Settembre for her has come as an unexpected success, which is accompanied by a new record.

Everything is ready for Mina Settembre but …

Knowledgeable and fan of the Mina September seriesthey were anxiously waiting to be able to see return Serena Rossi in the role of the social worker of Naples, waiting to find out how life has continued for her all this time. The airing of the first episode was set for September 25, 2022but the arrival of the political elections have upset the schedule of the Rai house.

In the meantime, in fact, in the crosshairs of the attention of the web we find Serena Rossi, protagonist give a record that the actress has collected on social media. Here’s what it is.

Serena Rossi boom of like!

Waiting for it to be back on the air, officially, Mina Settembre actress Serena Rossi is currently in Los Angeles together with his partner Davide Devenuto and their son, born a few years ago.

Not surprisingly, we find a beautiful one in the world of the web photo that was taken of the actress who was wearing a casual look on that occasionwhich allowed her to highlight all her beauty… a shot that in no time at all has conquered a record like boom.

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