Sergio changes his mind and wants to be a father to Julia’s baby but …

As soon as he discovers that the “wife” Julia Maria Infante (Laura Ledesma) is pregnant, awkward Sergio Cuevas (Miguel Brocca) will panic. Not surprisingly, in the next Italian episodes of Another Tomorrowthe man he will run away when the news is givenbut as usual he will change his mind within a few days and ask the woman for another chance …

Another Tomorrow, news: Diana convinces Julia to talk to Sergio about her pregnancy

Julia will become pregnant following a night of love spent with Sergio (which she will consider a real mistake, given that the relationship with him has now been closed for several months). As the days go by, the Infante will begin to feel severe discomfort, so much so that she will resort to a pregnancy test when she will be obviously late with her period.

When she will have the certainty of being pregnant, our protagonist will therefore not know how to behave and will confide only with Elena Prieto (Aida de la Cruz), who will obviously give her his support.

The situation, already complicated in itself, will only get worse when Diana (Cristina de Inza) will discover that her daughter is pregnant: in addition to spreading the “news” to all the residents of the village, the woman will then encourage Julia to talk about it also to Sergio. But the man’s reaction will be decidedly unexpected …

Another Tomorrow, plots: Sergio runs away as soon as he discovers that Julia is pregnant

Oh yes: when Julia tells him that he will become a father in nine months, Sergio will interrupt the conversation without giving any kind of explanation to his “wife”; as if that were not enough, he will turn off his cell phone in such a way as not to be contacted by Julia or Diana.

On the one hand, Julia will be able to count on the proximity of Elena but also of Tirso (Oliver Ruano) who, despite the disappointment because with the baby on the way he will not be able to enter into a romantic relationship with her, will not feel like abandoning her and will decide to stay close to her as a friend. On the other hand, her affair will also affect Diana emotionally, because Sergio’s refusal will remind her of withdrawing from Carlos, Julia’s real father, when she was pregnant with her. In any case, Sergio’s umpteenth turnaround will put everything into question …

Another Tomorrow, spoiler: Sergio wants to be a father to Julia’s baby

We can in fact anticipate that Sergio will come back to Julia and, after having asked her forgiveness for having panicked, he will give his availability to act as a father to the child, while underlining that he had not foreseen it in the least since they are no longer together. The Infante will obviously be visibly angry with Cuevas and, even if she will give him the opportunity to explain, she will want to have some time to think better about what to do.

Sergio will therefore have no choice but to defer to the decision that Julia will make and this time he will not even be able to count on the support of Diana who, furious at how he behaved, will tell him that he will have to get out alone from the crawl space in which he has hunted. .

In short, for Sergio the road will be really uphill but a sensational twist will be destined to resolve the situation… or maybe not!

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