Serie A, few young people and too many foreigners: the Gravina plan

To the microphones of Radio Raithe president of the FIGC Gravina spoke of the A league and the need to make changes. These are his words:

“There was a bit of skepticism for the start of the championship, given the heat and poor preparation, but it was blown away and Serie A started in the best possible conditions. I think we can repeat it again next season, waiting for the proposals, since there will be the European Championship in Germany ”.

“We are rediscovering the desire for football, we had a lot of it and the proof is that a lot of people are going to the stadium. Companies know they have to offer a fun product and this is a very important condition. Everything is taking shape, there will be three blocks in the ranking and this generates interest ”.

Gravina Series of reforms

Regarding the reform of the leagues: “My choice to propose the assembly is a call to a sense of responsibility, it will be convened by 11 October and all the members must become aware of the need for change. The game of football requires it of us, now we have recovered our energy and we will soon proceed. The goal is to remove that block on the right of veto ”.

And on young people: “The first few days were not positive, we have seen very few. Then 67% of the players are foreigners and this is not a good sign. However, there are some clubs that manage to enhance our talents, which is not lacking, and some are also attractive abroad. However, I must say that some young foreigners who arrived in Serie A have shown great qualities. We must also think about the list of 25, the current one is not bearing fruit, we will have to put our hand to it ”.

Thomas Raiteri

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