“Shave”, Barbara D’Urso insulted under the comments of the last post

Barbara D’Urso on Instagram was the victim of heavy insults for a detail that did not go unnoticed by her followers. Here’s what it is about her and what her reaction was.

The famous Mediaset presenter is intent on spending her last days of vacation before the big return to the small screen. After a series of persistent rumors circulated last spring that she was out of the graces of Piersilvio Berlusconi, everything was denied. In fact, during the presentation of the Canale 5 schedules, her afternoon program was announced to the delight of the many viewers who have been following her loyally for years to learn news and gossip.

Barbara D’Urso on Instagram in fact has a large group of followers, who in addition to admiring her for her beauty and her role on television, do not miss an opportunity to criticize every little gesture. Yesterday, in fact, Carmelita shared a series of shots outdoors enjoying the last hours away from the chaos of Cologno Monzese. Her followers, however, have noticed a detail that they have not forgiven and have not lost an opportunity to remark it by heavily humiliating the presenter of Afternoon 5. Here’s what happened and what his reaction was.

Barbara D’Urso victim of body-shaming on Instagram

The charm and beauty of Barbara D’Urso at 65 are undeniable. The woman represents a real example of femininity and sensuality despite the fact that she is no longer a girl and her self-confidence increases this consent from both men and women. In these days, between the swimming pool and relaxation, she has shown herself with bikinis and high-cut costumes that have highlighted a statuesque physique, which even the twenty-year-olds envy her. So what was the alleged ‘flaw’ that would have caused social hatred?

A visible hair on the woman’s face that can be seen in a photo of yesterday in which she appears in profile. The sun’s rays reflected on the Neapolitan’s face would have led the most angry to accuse her of having a beard. In addition, they continued to order her to run for cover as her work always requires an impeccable presence in front of the cameras. As always, the hostess’s reaction was unflappable and completely absent. To her hatred, she prefers to respond with her love for nature, animals and friends with whom she is spending the last days of vacation in Calabria.

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