Shopping in Como, here’s where it costs the least: the ranking

If you know the right supermarkets where you can shop, you can save several hundred euros in one year. In Como, for a purchase of so-called branded products, there can be a difference of over 800 euros between the cheapest and the most expensive point of sale. An accurate survey by AltroConsumo has drawn up a ranking of supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores throughout Italy where you can save money depending on whether you choose to buy branded products, private label products (that of each chain), or discount products. .

The AltroConsumo survey: criteria

Between 7 March and 1 April 2022, AltroConsumo recorded 1,171 points of sale the prices of all the products on the shelves of 126 product categories. The prices were processed to create an index that allows you to understand which is the most convenient depending on the type of shopping you do. There are four rankings at the Italian level: one for shopping with the cheapest products on the shelf, one for shopping with branded products, one for commercial brand products (distributor or private label) and one for shopping mixed, which includes all of these product types. They were then considered hyper and super of which at least 9 points of sale were visited and present in at least 5 regions. The discounters, on the other hand, were selected on the basis of their presence throughout the country, including the brands of which at least 25 points of sale were visited. The prices have been elaborated in order to obtain an index on a 100 basis, which measures how affordable are the brands and points of sale, nationally and locally.

The rankings at national / regional level

The ranking of “mixed shopping” in super and hyper sees in first place, as the cheapest chain, Famila Superstore, where you save 12% on the last one in the standings (Bennet). In the mixed shopping in discount stores, the most advantageous is Eurospin, followed by In’s (+ 3%) and Aldi (+ 4%), while in the last place there is Todis (+ 16%). In shopping with the cheapest products (including hyper, super and discount) Aldi wins while in last place is Carrefour Market (+ 30%).
In shopping with branded products (between hyper and super) Esselunga wins, while Carrefour Market is again the most expensive (according to the survey by AltroConsumo it costs 9% more). Carrefour, however, is the cheapest if the shopping is done by purchasing only commercial brand products. Followed by Ipercoop and Famila (+ 2%), while in last place there is Bennet (+ 19%).

Maximum savings in Como: the ranking

The annual savings, indicated near the cheapest points of sale in each city, is calculated by translating the indices on a 100 basis into annual expenditure (to do this, the average annual expenditure of Italian families at the super market was considered, in 2021 equal to 6,780 euros according to Istat ). To obtain the savings, the difference in spending between the last store (the most expensive) and the first (the cheapest) was finally calculated. Here is the ranking in Como, from which Esselunga emerges as the most convenient (with a saving of 849 euros on the last store):

1) ESSELUNGA via Carloni, ang. via Solone Ambrosoli 110 (maximum savings in the city 849 euros)
2) ESSELUNGA Ca ‘Merlata via Pasquale Paoli 6 110
3) IPER Strada Statale dei Giovi, ang. via Leopardi 2 / A 110
4) IPERAL Monte Olimpino via Bellinzona 111 112
5) BENNET Lario via Asiago 2, loc. Tavernola 115
6) COOP viale Cecilio 4 116
7) GREAT MARKET via Cernobbio 116
8) GREAT MARKET Sagnino Centro via Pio XI 112 / B 119
9) CARREFOUR MARKET via Fratelli Recchi 18 124
10) CARREFOUR MARKET via Cristoforo Colombo 4 125

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