Simona Ventura, the enormous tragedy: “I risk a lung transplant …”

He is one of the best known faces of Italian television and now his private life is threatened by a terrible disease. Here’s what’s happening to Simona Ventura.

It is one of most famous and beloved faces of Italian television, which for years has accompanied our days with her roles as host or contestant in reality shows. It is difficult to imagine a television program without the presence of Simona Ventura. Over the years, the well-known presenter has found herself taking part in various television programs, such as Oggi Sposi, Zelig and Quelli che il calcio.

Simona Ventura, source Facebook

She started her career in the 80s, participating as a competitor in some TV shows and a few years later she became a presenter in the program “Just married“.

However, he achieved the greatest success by presenting the Island of the Famousthe program that she found herself leading from 2003 to 2011 and which today is entrusted to Ilary Blasi.

It is therefore a career full of achievements for the well-known presenter, whose private life, however, is threatened by a serious health problem.

The terrible disease that threatens the serenity of Simona Ventura

Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi, source Facebook

We all know the love life of Simona Ventura. Certainly one of his more famous relationships was the one with the former footballer Stefano Bettarini, which was then followed by the wedding and the birth of the two sons Niccolò and Giacomo. The marriage, however, ended in 2004 due to the constant betrayals by the former athlete, which came out in the open in the previous edition of the Big Brother Vip. To reveal them was Bettarini himself, who has listed all the women he has been with.

For the presenter it was a hard blow but then love is back. In fact, in 2010 Simona Ventura embarked on a relationship with Gian Gerolamo Carrarowho is the son of Nicola Carraro, the current husband of Mara Venier. In 2014 the couple also adopted a little girl, little Carlotta, but then the magic of love broke in 2018.

But today Simona Ventura is happily engaged to the journalist Giovanni Terziwhich he recently did a sad revelation. In the middle of an episode of Italian storiesthe well-known reporter revealed to Eleonora Daniele that he has a bad lung disease that was inherited from his mother. An evil that is fighting with some medicines, which however have as a side effect the diabetes.

Fortunately Simona Ventura is very close to her partner and both are confident in healing. The reporter is convinced that he will be able to avoid lung transplantation and consequently he is changing his lifestyle to get better.

We wish them that everything goes well and that their love story continues to last a long time.

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