Smallpox Of The Apes, There Is The First Case In Salento. Faithful: “It is transmitted with physical contact, it is healed within a month. Cases on the rise in Italy “

LECCE – Persistent fever and spots on the skin: these are the symptoms that prompted a 45-year-old from Lecce to contact his doctor basic to ascertain the causes of what appeared to be a strange flu syndrome. As foreseen by the new protocols, special analyzes were performed (swab of the liquid contained in a vesicle) sent to the institute of zooprophylaxis in Bari. The confirmation that the 45-year-old from Lecce, often traveling for work, contracted monkeypox came yesterday: this is the first case of “Monkeypox” in Lecce. The Department of Prevention and Hygiene Service of ASL Lecce, directed by Dr. Alberto Fedele, he had already been put on alert, given the cases recorded in Italy. “In Puglia there are other cases – explains the head of the SISP – This is the first in Lecce, but it was contracted in the north. So the situation is under control. The vaccine is indicated for groups with certain risky sexual behaviors. The disease is not easily transmitted: physical contact, sexual intercourse is required ”.

There is a specific protocol to follow and the individual case will be monitored. Monkeypox is not a new virus: it is a rather rare disease in humans, it seems more easily transmitted sexually. The virus was first identified in captive monkeys in 1958 and then in 1970. There is already a vaccine against this virus which is transmitted through the liquid contents of the vials. In short, no alarm, but monitoring and high guard by the institutions.

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