Soleil Sorge and Pierpaolo Pretelli together: their understanding worries Salemi

There is a feeling between Soleil Sorge and Pierpaolo Pretelli. The two young characters will lead the GF VIP Party, it is now official. And after that there was also the investiture with blessing by his holiness Alfonso Signorini. everyone looks at the new television couple with particular curiosity.

Obviously, she is very attentive and curious too Giulia Salemithe girl of Pierpaolo Pretelli. Rumors suggest that Giulia is not entirely enthusiastic about the idea that Pretelli must, for work needs, stay in close contact with Sorge. And it seems she was a bit offended with too Gentlemen.

Signorini presents Sorge and Pretelli as new hosts of the GF VIP Party 2022 (Instagram) –

Last year, in fact, she was there to lead the web format. And now instead the director of Who has chosen to pair Pierpaolo Pretelli and Soleil Sorge, ousting Salemi. From the outside, in fact, it almost looks like one provocation or one rejection for the poor Italian-Persian model …

In reality it is said that Signorini has already thought of entrusting Giulia with a most important rolealways within the seventh edition of the Big Brother VIP. And there are also those who say that he has already invited the two lovers to communicate their decision to get married during the broadcast with a beautiful moment dedicated and exclusive to the declaration.

The gossips, however, insinuate that Giulia is not at all calm in these hours. Do you think maybe the co-conduct by Pierpaolo Pretelli and Soleil Sorge may endanger his engagement, He does not trust Soleil. And she is not even happy with the fact that Signorini is dedicating so much attention to the two new conductors.

Salemi is black: she fears the proximity of Pierpaolo Pretelli and Soleil Sorge

The Director of Who in fact, he wanted to dedicate a post on his personal Instagram to present the two new presenters of the GF VIP Party. You have published a photo with the ex gieffini Soleil Sorge and Pierpaolo Pretelli, who are replacing Giulia Salemi and Gaia Zorzi to run the satellite program of the GF VIP. Which airs on Mediaset Infinity.

Giulia Salemi and her partner -
Soleil and Pierpaolo will work together, and Giulia is gnawing? (Instagram) –

Unfortunately, there is malign talk about the Italian-American influencer (unfounded, of course) that connects it to a bad reputation for ruining families. After being the protagonist in the latest edition of the reality show of a controversial story with the married man Alex Belli, Soleil appears to Giulia Salemi as a formidable opponent. Let’s face it: Giulia is not at all peaceful. She or she however she pretends not to be.

And it is foreseeable that in the next few days he will play to do the jealous and suspicious woman. “GF Vip Party, here is the party”: this is the sentence accompanying the photo in which Alfonso Signorini officially presented the new conductors Soleil and Pierpaolo. Will it be a party for Giulia too?

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