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from Greta Privitera

After the video where she dances, a photo of two influencers in her Helsinki residence sets off a case

There isn’t a day that goes by without Sanna Marin, 36, not having to apologize or justify for something. THE shorts at the rock concertthe party too much party with friends that led her to have to (voluntarily) present a drug test result negativeand now topless, not hers, but still topless.

The new “scandal” made in Finland stems from a photo taken in the Helsinki residence. A shot that has been circulating a lot on social media in the last 24 hours. The offending scene is this: they can be seen two blonde girls – two influencer – with their t-shirts up, they cover their breasts with a sign that says “Finland” and kiss each other.

“In fact, the image is not appropriate”, commented one of the youngest prime ministers in the world, adding that that photo shouldn’t even have been taken: “We took a sauna, swam and spent time together, but otherwise nothing extraordinary happened during the meeting “. Marin also made it known that the party at her house took place after the Ruisrock music festival (that of shorts too short), in July. The Finnish media wrote that the two female guests photographed themselves in the bathrooms on the lower floor, those dedicated to guests. These are tiring moments for the prime minister who for days has been avoiding accusations about her life, judged by some to be unsuitable for her political role and by others (many women who support her) a normal life of a young woman in power.

The fact is that, rightly or wrongly, he finds himself having to explain how he dances while Finland has just received his “Yes” from NATOor while, alongside other European countries, you too are asking to deny tourist visas to Russian citizens (here too, rightly or wrongly). But his personal life took over. He expects, anxious, to see the next move of the beautiful premier, l’enfant prodige became first minister in 2019, at 34, who until yesterday has amazed Europe and who today finds herself defending herself from words like those of deputy Annika Saarikko. According to Saarikko, the lifestyle conveyed by the photo does not match the experience of many Finns struggling with a cost of living crisis.
We do not know how Marin responded to this comment, but we report what he said a few days ago: “I hope that in 2022 we can accept that even a person who makes decisions for a country can dance, sing and go to parties”.

August 24, 2022 (change August 24, 2022 | 07:41)

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