Space, NASA has reconstructed the deep song of a black hole – Audio

In recent days the Twitter profile NASA Exoplanets shared the “noise” emitted by the black hole at the center of the cluster of galaxies Perseus (Abell 426). This account is managed by the team of the American space agency that is in charge of finding new planets beyond our solar system. There NASA he defined it Black Hole Remix and explained: ¬ęThe misunderstanding that in the Space there is never sound is due to the fact that most of theUniverse it is empty, and that there is no means to allow the propagation of sound waves. But a cluster of galaxies it is made up of so much gas that we have picked up a sound. We have it amplified and mixed with other data to play the sound of a black hole“. The audio, released for the first time last May, is the result of a discovery made in 2003. After over 53 hours of observationNASA researchers realized that the pressure waves emitted by the supermassive black hole at the center of Abell 426 created ripples in the gas which, through the technique of “sonificationAnd by increasing the notes emitted by tens and tens of octaves, they could be translated into sounds audible to the human being.

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