Spalletti has taken back Naples: the five moves of the revolution

Game, imagination, work, a super Zielinski mezzala and peace with fans and clubs, this is how the coach has restored international depth to the new team

After a summer of profound changes and also of many controversies, in an environment in fibrillation, Luciano Spalletti was also good at coping with a start of protest in the Dimaro square, in the Trentino retreat, asking for respect for the work of the company and of the squad. He asked for time, the right one to be judged on the pitch. And that time he quickly burned by building a new group that was profoundly different (there are 10 new players, between signings and young players who returned) but which started again on the basis of Spallett’s playing principles. Which focus on play and beauty, always finalized and not an end in itself. In this he was immediately helped by the inclusion of the first two purchases, already present in the training camp. Especially the Korean Kim Minjae (pictured) who immediately showed himself as leader on and off the field. And it was not easy given that he has to replace a totem like Koulibaly, the most regretted farewell from the coach. The rest was done by the crystalline class of Kvaratskhelia and the basis of understanding of the rest of the team. An important starting point to rekindle the sacred fire of passion in Naples which in recent times seemed hopelessly extinguished. With such a compressed season it was necessary to do it immediately. And he succeeded.


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