Stefania Sandrelli, it’s a crisis with Giovanni Soldati: “Tired for some time”

In a recent interview granted to the magazine Oggi, Stefania Sandrelli has indulged in a series of statements that certainly will not please the most incurable romantics. The actress has in fact revealed a preview that she is experiencing a crisis, now full-blown, with her partner Giovanni Soldati.

Stefania Sandrelli granted the interview in the frame of her imminent participation in the Venice Film Festival 79, scheduled until 10 September at the Lido. The actress is in fact one of the interpreters of the film Water and Anise from Corrado Ceronwhich will present a preview at the Venetian kermesse in these days.

The first, important statement, Sandrelli made in relation to her working life, since somehow she seems to feel “on the avenue of sunset”. Speaking to the reporter Flame Tinellithe actress commented:

“I have done more than a hundred films, television, theater, I have directed an opera. I enjoyed filming “Acqua e Anice” immensely, but my professional life is about to end. If I’m sorry? But no, I have given so much, I have done so much … I am only concerned that if I stop working my standard of living will change. “

To leave the fans speechless, in any case, were precisely his words dedicated to the man of his life, the director Giovanni Soldati. Indeed, it seems that the feeling that bound them once upon a time has faded day after day, with the complicity of one disease which in recent years has impressed the screenwriter.

Speaking of her partner, Stefania Sandrelli brings us a bittersweet story:

“He got sick, he needed help. I couldn’t not be there. I could not. […] Maybe now it’s right to do it, right for me. He is good for me … When he got sick we had long been tired of each other. I was distracted by other people, he probably too. We felt obliged to live together. The last few years with him have been years of renunciation. To affection. To a caress ». She confides the actress: «He is an honest man. He never pretends … Maybe he is tired of a woman who is too demanding, of being the Sandrelli man. “

At this point, the actress lets herself go and opens up to the possibility of a real one separation, after many years of relationship. In fact, the crisis could, in his opinion, end with a definitive break. “Leaving us is something that perhaps would do better for Giovanni than for me. I would like him back with me, always, always “ Sandrelli commented, not without a veil of melancholy and sadness.

Stefania Sandrelli and Giovanni Soldati: the story of their love story

Contrary to what many might think, Stefania Sandrelli (who in the past was also linked to Gino Paoli) is not the wife of Giovanni Soldati, since the two have decided to never get married.

The two have been together since 1983 and have gone through joys and sorrows together, therefore, for 37 years. Sandrelli had talked about her relationship so special with her partner in an interview granted to Grazia. To the newspaper, the actress had explained:

“We didn’t get married partly due to lack of time, partly due to superstition. He is certainly the man of my life, the one who welcomed me with the most dedication and generosity. There is great affection and mutual trust between us. We are well together without tragedy and without emphasis. “

In addition, speaking with Il Corriere della Sera, the actress of The last Kiss he had spoken of the lack of a third son, the one who would somehow seal the relationship with his John. Here is what he had said:

“I missed him for a while. But I felt more sorry for him than for me. Then, on the other hand, I was consoled because I realized that John is more suitable with the children of others. He was very good with mine but … I also feel a little bit like his mother. A parent must try not to lose the infantile part but he must also be an adult. And he doesn’t have that much … But I like it so much the way it is! My cousin, whom I sometimes call a little desperate, interrupts me and says “Stefania, you chose him like this, you love him for how he is and you keep him like this”. Giovanni is a beautiful person, he has dedicated his whole life to me and I am very grateful to him. We have great confidence, perhaps the most important thing. “

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