“Stefania will abandon herself to love, with Gemma the relationship will develop”

Although – despite all the intrusions of the “half-sister” Gemma Zanatta (Gaia Bavaro) – her story with Mark of Sant’Erasmo (Moisé Curia) has so far had a “happy ending” with an official engagement proposal, there are many pitfalls but also the pleasant news that await Stefania Colombo in the seventh season of The Paradise of the Ladiesstarted on Monday 12 September on Rai 1.

First of all, the young Venus has to fight to get her mother back by her side Gloria Moreau (Lara Komar), who made herself up by revealing her true identity. All aspects we talked about with Grace Ambrosethe actress who lends her face to Stefania.

Hi Grace, welcome back to Tv Soap. Last season, Stefania was one of the super protagonists, both because of Gloria and both for Marco and Gemma. What was it like managing this very complicated character?

As you have seen, Stefania has entered a bit on the sly. In the first season she was a young, frivolous, simple Venus. In that one that aired until last May, she grew up with both work and family. And she left room for her heart too. Let’s say that she is now another Stefania compared to the beginning. As a girl she went on to be a woman, with all that that implies. It was really exciting to watch her grow up.

Let’s go deeper into his relationship with Gloria, the mother he always loved, even if she had no idea who she was. What should we expect in their future?

Surely, Stefania will finally open up to this novelty. Her closure came from the trauma of discovering that she had a mother who she believed was dead. What you can expect, however, is a struggling Stefania to get her family back close and healthy.

Although, as you have seen, the season did not open that way. Gloria cannot be close to her. For this reason, you will see a Stefania able to fight even against politics to achieve the result that she has set for herself. And all of this is beautiful.

And with Marco?

Finally Stefania abandons herself to love, lets herself go and doesn’t care about all the obstacles that were there. She has a ring on her finger, as Marco made her the proposal in the sixth season finale. And with Marco there will be great working and sentimental complicity, given everything they have been through. After all, Marco was the first to know everything that Stefania lived with her family. Their relationship is very solid.

And with the enemy-friend “sister” Gemma how will things go? Will they improve?

Obviously, for what happened, the season begins with Stefania closing towards Gemma. The relationship will then develop, you will see how. In any case, this aspect was also nice to interpret because with Gemma there have been real roller coasters, ever since they met. And it will continue to be so.

Did you expect Stefania to be so loved by the public?

No. Also because at the beginning Stefania was a little hated by the public, who were annoyed by her being a somewhat superficial dreamer. I am therefore very happy that she has entered the hearts of viewers. Her simplicity actually came from the tools and opportunities she didn’t have to grow. In Milan and in Paradise, with all the traumas that have happened to her, she has become a woman, while maintaining her lightness.

A woman who knows what she wants, because even with the Paradiso Market she brought out the attributes …

Exactly. Also in this side she developed and became a journalist!

What do you wish Stefania for the future?

Only happiness. She has suffered enough, so she must enjoy all the seeds she has grown and reap them. From now on you will see what will happen …

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