“Still her?”, The social networks explode: for the fourth time the showgirl at GF Vip | The whole truth

A few weeks after the start of the GF Vip, the name of Valeria Marini and that of Alessio Tirpi appear after the sibylline post published by the former Pupo

It is shortly before the beginning of the new edition of GF Vip 7 and in a few weeks we will discover the ones chosen by Alfonso Signorini who will enter the most spied house in Italy. At the moment there are numerous rumors about the alleged VIPs who will be part of the cast, but to be confirmed is only the name of Giovanni Ciacci.

Meanwhile Alfonso Signorini enjoys intriguing fans of the program through the clues posted on his Instagram profile. In the stories shared on his profile, the host publishes photos and cryptic captions that are difficult to decipher and the ball passes to the gossip experts.

In the last hours, in fact, the news has been spread that a well-known showgirl could return to be part of the cast of the GF Vip. The well-known soubrette would thus arrive at her fourth experience in the house, after having participated in three seasons of the reality show, the last of which in the company of a well-known plastic surgeon.

The whole truth about Valeria Marini at GF Vip 7

In a few weeks we will discover the cast of GF Vip 7. Despite the rumors to date it is not known for sure which VIPs will enter the house but for a few hours the news of a great return to the GF house has been circulating on the web.

According to a gossip expert Valeria Marini it could be one of the competitors of the next edition. For her it would be the fourth appearance in the program that last season participated in the reality show in the company of the cosmetic surgeon of the stars Giacomo Urtis. To date, however, it is only an indiscretion not followed by any bet or denial.

After the Pupa and the Nerdy a former Pupo could arrive at the GF

Another indiscretion appears regarding the cast of GF Vip7. It seems that the former Pupo de La Pupa and the Nerdy Show Alessio Tripi is vying to enter the house. The baby posted a story on his Instagram profile stating: “Sudden calls are the most beautiful ones! Stay tuned, I can’t wait to tell you everything “, adding the Canale 5 logo.

After the questions from his followers he commented: “You are writing to me in many but I swear to you that I still can’t tell you, I have already spoiled what channel it is on! So come on, you can get there … I swear that as soon as I can I will tell you right away. As always, I thank you because you are my family. But I want to tell you one thing, there will be a lot of laughter in this round too, I promise you ”.

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