“Still thinks you’re in the Caribbean”

Mara Venier’s summer holidays in the enchanting area lasted twenty days buen retiro of Santo Domingo: with her husband Nicola Carraro and her beloved nephew Claudietto, the presenter has carved out moments of serenity away from work commitments, shared with followers who, thanks to social media, have had a virtual window on a relaxing life (It is funny) spent in the family villa in the Dominican Republic.

But now it’s time to get back into the routine: Mara Venier is back in Italy, ready to face everyday life in her beautiful house in the center of the capital which is often the scene of her social scenes and which, once again, is once again immortalized by her husband. . “Jet-lag still thinks he’s in the Caribbean, even if he can’t resist the call of the cleaners” writes Carraro accompanying the image that, with hashtag #photoofrayal, shows his wife cleaning the balcony in a brightly colored dress and an equally lively turban. On that same balcony a few weeks ago Mara Venier had shown herself intent on fight against seagulls during the household chores that return, on time, to be completed as soon as she returns, albeit with a Caribbean spirit still in the scent of summer holidays. And even an excellent plate of spaghetti with tomato is part of everyday life in the city: “And as soon as we get back, it’s a diet, my wife has cooked a masterpiece” commented Nicola.



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