Surprise at school: the teacher teaches in the classroom holding a dog that has entered the classroom in her arms

Professor Karine Ribeiro had just moved from Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, to Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul. She new school and new students, but something about her, besides her passion for teaching English, immediately made her class love her.

The teacher was in one of the four state schools in the city where she teaches and shortly after starting the lesson someone in particular entered the classroom: a black dog, more precisely a little dog broke into the classroom. After verifying that none of her students owned it, Ribeiro made a decision that left everyone speechless: while the students expected him to send the four-legged away, she picked her up and, as if nothing had happened. he gave his lecture. Part of the time the teacher sat at the desk and the mysterious dog lay down on her lap.

A scene that could not fail to be immortalized by some shots taken with a mobile phone by one of his students and, in a very short time, end up on a Facebook group. There the reaction of the people was joyful and moved, while many shared similar strange situations of animals that stole the show of the school lessons. One of the students thought the scene was great and photographed it.

But whose dog was that? The teacher then discovered from the students of another class that the dog has an owner, another student who always accompanies him to school and waits for him until the end of the lessons. But, at least for that day, he too had the experience of being a student for a day.

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– Surprise at school: the teacher teaches in the classroom holding a dog that has entered the classroom in her arms

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