Susanna is dead! Agnese Lorenzini leaves the soap after six years

The dreaded moment has arrived. With tonight’s episode of A Place in the Sun the long stay of Agnese Lorenzini in the Neapolitan soap of Rai 3. Yes, the young actress had started playing the role of Susanna Picardi in 2016 and, therefore, leaves it after six years.

This site, as we have already explained to you in a previous post, knew for some time what would happen and, from the beginning, we made the choice not to completely reveal the truth, out of respect for those who worked on this plot and also towards the audience, who perhaps – given the storyline so important – it was right that for once he was surprised by the unfolding of events.

It must be said that the authors have been somewhat “crafty”, since in recent days they have cleverly made us believe that Susanna’s situation was more stable than that of Viola (Ilenia Lazzarin). Instead, things went exactly the other way around!

As far as we are concerned, we had already heard from last winter that Agnese Lorenzini would be leaving A Place in the Sun and right from the start we had the feeling that he would do it through a “boom plot”; in this sense, during the spring and summer there were also several actors who on social networks had made fans guess that a “large-caliber” and very painful story was being prepared …

Agnese Lorenzini: “A new role for TV is coming”

In short, many aficionados of Upas they already expected something to happen soon, even if they didn’t know what. And now that everything has gone on stage, there is obviously the sorrow for having lost a character who, after several dramatic passages over the years, seemed to be heading towards a happy ending (a happy life together with his great love) who this point we will never see.

Susanna’s death, now, opens the way to a whole new story that we will begin to see as early as next week: a tough dispute between Niko (Luca Turco) – angry with pain and eager to protect the little one Jimmy (Gennaro De Simone) from new sorrows – e Micaela Cirillo (Gina Amarante). How will it end? And will Niko find love again sooner or later?

Waiting to find out, we would like to ask a big good luck to Agnese Lorenziniwhich not too long ago he gave us an interview from which one could already understand that there would be changes in his professional life: “I want to carry on my theatrical research work with my company Nogu Teatro and with the Twain company, which deals with dance theater. Then another role for TV is coming, but you will know later …“.

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