“Talk to Putin, he will listen to you” – Corriere TV

In a video released on social media, the conversation between the French president and the leader of Kiev: “Putin must be told to stop”

by Viviana Mazza, sent to Kiev (Ukraine) / CorriereTv

Why did Macron insist on talking to Putin? Zelensky had asked him.

In a video (based on the documentary Un président, l’Europe e la guerre, and returned to circulate in these hours on social networks), shot on the day of the invasion, the Ukrainian president can be heard announcing in connection with the Elysée that the Russians have attacked and sent special forces to Kiev, Odessa, everywhere, “it’s not like 2014 “. “Of course, it’s total war,” Macron comments. “Yes total war” Zelensky confirms, and then asks him to talk to Putin, to form an anti-war coalition with President Biden, and to tell him to stop. “He will listen to you.”

It is also a video that records Zelensky’s transformation from president to leader of a country at war.

In the documentary – which Stefano Montefiori also talked about, on 7 – we also see the phone call between Putin and Macron on February 20, “when the American and British services say they are certain that the attack on Ukraine is imminent”.

“At a certain point,” writes Stefano Montefiori, “Macron gets irritated:” I don’t know where your jurist learned international law, if you say that in a sovereign country the laws are proposed by separatist groups and not by democratically elected authorities ” . Putin replies harshly: “The Ukrainian government is not democratically elected. They came to power through a bloody coup d’état. There were people burned alive, it was a bloodbath. And Zelensky is one of the culprits. The proposals exist,” the separatists, as you call them, have transmitted them to the Ukrainians but have not received any response. As soon as we have finished this interview, I will study your proposals for a meeting with the US, “Putin told Macron. “It would have been better to put pressure on the Ukrainians from the start, but no one has volunteered to do so.”

Macron replies “but yeah, I do what I can to push them, you know. But I need you to help me a little. Yesterday I really asked Zelensky to favor calm. I’ll tell him again, everyone has to calm down, from social media to the Ukrainian armed forces. We must not give in to provocations “.

The Tsar: “I was going to go play hockey” Before putting it down, Putin launches one last sentence: “Thanks Emmanuel. I always take great pleasure in talking to you because there is a relationship of trust between us. hide anything from you, I was going to play ice hockey. I’m talking to you from the gym. ”

There are four days left before the attack that will kill thousands of deaths, marking contemporary history, Putin is about to launch the first missiles on Kiev, but he cuts the phone call with Macron talking about going to play hockey ».

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