Technical KO and farewell World Championship – Formula 1

“After such a start and a two-second advantage on the first lap, I was expecting a good day, it wasn’t like that”. Carlos Sainz he underlined at the end of the Belgian Grand Prix how ephemeral and illusory the start was, which saw him easily maintain the leadership of the race. The six-tenths of a gap inflicted by Verstappen on the Spaniard in the race in Qualifying have even become seconds per lap, with the reigning world champion able to definitively take the lead as early as the sixteenth lap. An embarrassing show of strength for the competition, starting with Ferrari, called to respond to Zandvoort after a Sunday that raises many questions given that the set-up and the higher temperatures on paper had to reduce the gap from Red Bull that emerged in Qualifying.

‘From Cavallino to Gambero’ the title of Leo Turrini’s editorial on Rest of the Carlino.The worst Ferrari of the year on the Ardennes says goodbye to the world dream for good – we read in the columns of the Emilian newspaper – after the summer break, everything could be expected but not such a depressing Red. In Belgium, the new technical regulations passed by the international federation to mitigate the hopping of cars came into force. By eye, the only team that, at least in appearance, paid a price was Ferrari. And if so, it would be serious. But, if nothing else, we will get rid of the thought immediately, given that in less than a week we will be back on track in the Netherlands, that is, right at Verstappen’s home ”.

‘Unrecoverable disadvantage, but the Red team closes well’ instead is the title of the ‘fund’ edited by Giorgio Terruzzi in the Corriere della Sera: “The title fight seems to be over. Verstappen and a Red Bull never so superior to Ferrari have closed it during a disconcerting weekend that takes Max ahead by 98 points in the World Championship. Too many even thinking about a recovery of this Cavallino, almost unrecognizable in Belgium. Leclercmoreover, never on the ball at Spa, less fast than Sainz in practice, unlucky, of course, but far from brilliant after returning from vacation. A drop in form and morale is understandable after so many very high intensity races and a few too many disappointments, but at this point it becomes essential to end the season in a crescendo, even if you lose the title ”.

‘Swept away’ the opening of The Gazzetta dello Sport on the page dedicated to the Ferrari debacle after giving due prominence to Max’s comeback in the titled ‘page’Space’. “It had already happened that this year Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were disappointed after a bad race. But the disappointment that the two Ferrari men had in their faces yesterday afternoon was different. This time he was not lost due to driving or strategy errors, it is Red Bull that was from another planet. To tell the truth, a weekend controlled from the start by Milton Keynes in 2022 had already been seen in Imola. But then Leclerc was still playing for the victory with Verstappen yesterday there has never been a game in Spahighlights the Rosea.

‘An alien in F1’ is the concordant opinion of The print And The Republic obviously referring to Max Verstappen. “Ferrari couldn’t have more than a podium. Carlos Sainz 3rd and first human behind the alien Max. But what an effort. The reds with a lower pitch and greater degradation than the blues. Not even the higher asphalt temperatures, which Maranello has focused on with a more charged wing than its rivals, have not helped “points out the newspaper based in Rome. “Ferrari suffered the superiority of Red Bull without understanding why – echoes the Turin newspaper – Ferrari lost the Belgian Grand Prix and almost certainly the championship together because Red Bull was faster and managed the tires better ”.

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