Temptation Island, love at the end of the line for a couple of the program

A former couple of Temptation Island it split. The two participated in the ninth edition of the program deciding to break up arrived at the final bonfire of confrontation. We are talking about Floriana Angelica And Federico Rasa. The two, after making the decision straight away, got back together and did the first step towards a clarification Federico.

Not much has been known about this couple since then, at least until a few hours ago, when Floriana revealed the end of his love affair with Rasa:

I’m sorry to tell you that I and Federico We haven’t been together for a while. The reasons are many and very private, so I kindly ask you not to ask why we are no longer together. It’s not about betrayal, nothing like that. All couples after several years of relationship, especially living together, can have problems, periods of crisis, but to overcome these periods you need a lot of good will on both sides, a relationship can only go on if you keep it united there are two. I have no regrets, I shared four years of my life with him, for better or for worse, they are four years lived 100% together with a person I loved so much who loved me so much. I tried with all my heart to save this story, I’m not a person who gives up easily, I’m a person who always fights, especially for love and especially if he really believes in that love.

I’m really sorry that it ended this way between me and him, we lived together, we had so many projects together, we were already a family, me, him and the baby Chloe. But every now and then you have to get back clear, think with your head and not with your heart, put a point when you need it and leave behind everything that cannot be good for our life.

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