Test to enter medicine, all the questions: can you answer them?

There is no year in which there is no controversy after the entrance test to the limited number faculties, especially medicine and dentistry, which will see one in four students pass by. The 2022 tests saw a decrease in the disputed general culture quizzes (15% logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and humanities). Applicants will be able to see their result on September 14 on Universitaly. THEThe maximum is 90. On September 23, each candidate will be able to view their own assignment. The ranking will be known on 29 September.

Among the online comments there are those who say that mathematics questions were more approachable than those of biology and common is the challenge to the questions of logic and culture. Here are the questions reported by the Ministry. At the bottom of the page the answers, to be checked after trying to take the test.


Academic Year 2022/2023

Test of reading skills and knowledge acquired in studies

1. «Insulin resistance is not a disease in itself, but is frequently accompanied by a number of cardiovascular risk factors included in the general definition of ‘metabolic syndrome’. They include visceral obesity, diabetes, increased triglycerides and cholesterol, high blood pressure. In conditions of insulin resistance metabolic flexibility is altered: the ability of the muscle to alternatively use carbohydrates or fats depending on the availability of energy substrates is insufficient. Subjects affected by insulin resistance have a reduced capacity to use fat in fasting conditions and the increased production of insulin is however not able to stimulate the metabolization of sugars. “
(from the website of the Italian Ministry of Health: www.salute.gov.it)
According to the text, what is meant by “metabolic flexibility”?
A) The ability of muscle tissue to use energy, depending on the availability of the organism, from fats or sugars
B) Muscle looseness guaranteed by the right nutritional intake of fats and carbohydrates
C) The set of metabolic factors that can cause generalized muscle failure
D) The inability of the muscular system to draw energy from carbohydrates ingested with food
E) The pathological decline in the consumption of fats and sugars accompanied by excessive production of insulin

2. «The Constitutio de feudis (or Edictum debeneis) is the decree issued on May 28, 1037 by the emperor Conrad II the Salic. […] With this edict the irrevocability and inheritance of their fiefs was recognized to the minor vassals (the valvassors), thus extending the rights already enjoyed by the major vassals by virtue of the capitular of Quierzy (877). It was also established that, in the absence of direct heirs, the fiefdom could also be transmitted to close relatives up to the third degree, and that no feudal lord or count or bishop could deprive a valvassore of the fief without a serious and justified reason, which had to be submitted for approval to a council of valvassori. The great feudal lords were also prohibited from exchanging, alienating and renting the benefits of their valvassori without the latter’s consent. “
(The story. From the empire of Charlemagne to the fourteenth century, series coordinated by Massimo Salvadori for Great Works of UTET Cultura, vol. 5, 2004, p. 156)
What seems to have been the purpose of the edict described in this text?
A) Decrease the power of the great feudal lords by strengthening the position of the small feudal lords
B) Deprive the great feudal lords of their lands and their sources of income
C) Strengthen the subordination relations of the small feudal lords with respect to the large feudal lords
D) To preserve the hereditary right of the whole feudal society established by the capitular of Quierzy
E) Extend the feudal system in order to guarantee a delegated management that would lighten the burdens of the emperor

3. «Rome November 18th.
The good weather has returned; clear day, with a pleasant warmth. In the Farnesina I saw the story of Psyche, whose color reproductions have cheered my rooms for a long time; then the transfiguration of Raphael in San Pietro in Montorio. All old acquaintances, I would almost say friendships, which we obtained from afar by correspondence, but which we now see in person. “
What kind of text is the quote taken from?
A) Travel diary
B) Journalistic report
C) Sonnet
D) Epic poem
E) Historical novel

4. “Allocate public resources to contain energy increases […] it is one of the commitments that the majority asks the government, as part of the resolution on the Def that was approved by the House and the Senate. “
(“The Republic” 04/20/2022)
What is the Def referenced in the text?
A) The Economics and Finance Document, which is the government’s main planning tool
B) The Dossier on Ecology and Finance, which is a planning tool for the ecological transition
C) The Financial Balance Decree, which defines the instruments for obtaining a balance in the State Budget
D) The Financial Economy Dossier, which is the result of a compromise between the forces supporting the government
E) The Financial Balancing Device, which is the main economic-financial planning tool of the State Ministry of University and Research
Logical Reasoning Test and Problems


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