That tender gesture of Prince William that reveals to us how his relationship with Camilla has changed

One of the most significant images of the ceremony with which Charles III was officially proclaimed king – to St. James’s Palace, and less than 48 hours after the death of the Queen Elizabeth – lasted just an instant. But the BBC cameras caught her. To witness the proclamation, that for the first time in history it was broadcast live on TV, in addition to Prime Minister Liz Truss (and several of her predecessors) there were also Carlo’s wife, la queen consort Camilla, and the firstborn William, new Prince of Wales. Both of the register signatories who formalized the succession. In that historical and intense moment William made a gesture – lasted a moment, in fact, but captured by the cameras – which tells a lot about what his relationship with his stepmother is like today. The prince behaved like a true gentleman with Camilla, guiding her with his hands in front of him, as if to support her, before they both signed the deed declaring Charles king. According to many royal observers, it is not a question of simple chivalry, but of a gesture that demonstrates how much relations between William and the now queen consort of England have changed over time.

Prince William and consort queen Camilla filmed before signing the deed by which Charles III was proclaimed king

William, like his brother Harry, once hated Camilla. And there is to understand. Since childhood he had been a witness to the quarrel between father Carlo and mother Diana. The Princess of Wales she often wept in front of him, always on his side. Once, when she was just eight years old, it was William who passed the kleenexes to her mother who – locked in the bathroom in Highrove after an argument with her husband – she did not stop sobbing. Little William, at the time, could not have known that another woman was behind the unhappy union of his parents. But on November 20, 1995, in the infamous BBC interview, Princess Diana spoke in front of over 20 million viewers of her “Wedding a little too crowded” (it causes Camilla). Words that shook the Crown and transformed Parker Bowles, now esteemed queen consort, into most hated woman in England. William then 13 was old enough to understand. At the time, Mom Diana called Camilla «rottweiler», And the grandmother queen, Elizabeth II, was no longer tender: “That wicked woman”, he said, referring to his son’s lover. Words that could not fail to mark the adolescent William. Things got worse when Diana died in 1997. And the antipathy of the British towards Camilla almost became contempt: «Now he will have free field» said the most malicious, thinking that his only purpose in life was to enter a Buckingham Palace. William, then fifteen, in addition to the sudden and painful death of his mother, also found himself facing the poisonous criticism of the people and the media against his father’s lover. The “other woman”, the “ugly girl” who had made Diana suffer so much.

In 2000, Queen Elizabeth took a first step towards Camilla, agreeing to attend an event – the sixtieth birthday of King Constantine of Greece – in which she and “that wicked woman” found themselves in public under one roof. Thus laying the groundwork for the subsequent acceptance of Camilla by the other Windsors. A year later it was William himself who took a step in this direction, attending a Press Complaints Commission party at Somerset House where his father’s lover was also there. But there was still a long way to go to heal the old scars, if that’s true, as a royal expert at al al Daily Mail, that when Carlo in 2005 married Camilla “there were huge quarrels in the family”. For William (as indeed for his brother Harry) it must have been nothing short of hard, emotionally, accept Camilla as his stepmother. But time fixes everything. Already a few years ago an insider had revealed to the Daily Mail: “For a long time now, the Duke of Cambridge put aside the old differences with Camilla. And today it is aligned with the thought of her Majesty of her, she supports her decision to award her the prestigious title of Queen consort in the future ». And in fact, when Queen Elizabeth said in public last February that she wanted the wife of her son Charles to become queen consort, William, along with his wife Kate, did not miss his message of cheer towards Camilla. While Harry remained silent. A silence that says a lot about the different emotional path taken by the two brothers towards their father’s ex-lover.

Today William really seems to have put aside old grudges. At the proclamation of Charles III we had proof of this. But it is not the first time that the prince, in public, makes affectionate gestures towards Camilla. Last March the then Duchess of Cornwall attended the Commonwealth Day celebration at Westminster Abbey. About her Her first public event after Queen Elisabeth officially expressed her wish that she would someday be queen consort. William, present at the ceremony with Kate Middleton, has greeted Camilla with a hug. A gesture with which he seemed to tell the world that he too agreed with the decision of the sovereign grandmother. And that he too, having healed the old scars for some time now, is on Camilla’s side.


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