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All the curiosities of Goffredo Cerza, from family to work, from his passions to love for the daughter of Eros and Michelle

He is not an actor, nor a conductor, nor a singer. Goffredo Cerza, Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend, does not work in the entertainment world. Although he has learned to know him well after 5 years of relationship with the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti. Da Aurora is now expecting a baby, which is expected to be born in January. But if a little is known about her, little is known about Goffredo. In the past he has been seen in some shots published on social networks by his girlfriend, but now everyone wants to know more. And so, after the happy announcement, many have tried to learn more about the future dad of the Hunziker Ramazzotti family through social media.

Studies, work and family

Goffredo Cerza is 26 years old and from Rome. In Rome he graduated from Marymount International School, then moved to London where he studied Electrical Engineering at the University of London. He graduated but didn’t stop. He continued his studies at Hult International Business School, where he completed a master’s degree in International Business. Now he works as a Marketing Manager and Business Analyst. A different sector from that frequented by his parents, who work in healthcare. His mother is the manager of a Roman clinic, while his father is a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Goffredo Cerza also has a sister, who works as a molecular biologist.

The other passions

On his Instagram profile, a bit like everyone else, he shares the moments of his life and his passions. Among these there is certainly Aurora, but there are also engines, sports and animals. As for fitness, Goffredo manages a web page where he creates personalized training programs (on socials he is called @kingcerzfitness). In the published videos it can also be seen on board some cars, on the street as well as on the track. As for pets, he loves dogs as much as cats. And above all he loves those of his girlfriend. He has dedicated some posts to them. They are called Saba and Kida and they also have an Instagram profile.

The love story with Aurora

Goffredo and Aurora belong to two different worlds, yet fate brought them together. In London. They met through a mutual friend and have not broken up since. During the pandemic Aurora was in Italy, while he was in England. So it seems that Goffredo has returned to Rome to be close to his girlfriend. The two have been living together for a few years and are now preparing to have a child. But, beware, like all couples, there are also some quarrels between them. Aurora and Goffredo, however, seem to know how to overcome any misunderstanding with a laugh. On Goffredo Cerza’s profile there is a post that tells the relationship between man and woman very well. In the image shared on Instagram you can see him who, on the phone, asks Aurora: Love, I feel strange, what do you have ?. And she obviously replies: I have nothing. He replies, saying: Come on, tell me … receiving a 137-minute voice message from her. In the description he writes: Who can relate?. And he adds a laughing face.

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