The 5 best countries to take your money to, if you have a nest egg to invest

Where should we invest our savings? The question is very common, many of us ask it. Answering, however, certainly does not seem simple. In fact, it all depends on how large the amount to invest is and what we would like to obtain.

For many, for example, the point is that savings are low. A few tens of thousands of euros, in many cases, but still it would be ideal to try to make them bear fruit. But how? Usually the safest investment of all (even if not very profitable) is considered to be real estate. With a small amount, however, in Italy it is really difficult to invest.

So how do you make the right investment with a small amount? Well, the ideal – according to industry experts and analysts – is to leave Italy. Make our investment, however small, outside the border.

And here the initial question changes, and becomes: which are the best countries to invest in with little money?

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At the top of the list are Albania and Greece. For real estate investments (potentially very fruitful) there are the two Mediterranean countries, which are close to Italy and with compatible economic systems. Greece, however, has a higher level of bureaucracy, and for this Albania gains the podium.

Then there are Morocco and Thailand. Here, too, a real estate investment is done with very little money (even less than 30 thousand euros, if we find the right opportunity) and finally, in fifth place, there is Cuba. Further away, and with an economic system that is decidedly different from ours and less compatible, but still very affordable.

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