The 7 best European cities to find work if you want to change your life this September

When you decide to change cities for work, it is good to do your own accounts. We are not just talking about expenses – of course, those must be organized and planned in time – but also about possible earnings: how much will we earn in the new city?

Sometimes it happens that you arrive in the new city because you already have a job offer. In that case we already know in advance that the offer is cheaper than our old job, and we also know if the new job is well paid or not. Other times, however, first you choose the city to move to, and only then do you look for a job. In this case what are the best cities to live in?

In short, in case we want to change cities and, only afterwards, calmly look for a job, well, we have to choose the right city. The one where the job is found quickly and where the wages are high.

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Fortunately, it already exists a complete list of European cities where it is easier to find work. They are the ones in which you hire the most, and therefore also those in which if you move you will find a better opportunity in less time.

On the list there is Eindhoven, in Germany, but also Tallinn – the Estonian capital – and then of course Amsterdam, London and Berlin. Not only that: also Stockholm, the Swedish capital and finally Lisbon, in Portugal.

There are many European cities where you can find work and unfortunately Italy is not rich from this point of view, only Milan functions as a great pole of job offer. In any case, in the list of these seven cities (see a this site) all the different characteristics such as average salary and prevailing sectors are found.

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