the absurd quarrel, the police intervene


A discussion with the paparazzi present at Milan Linate, only the police were able to stop it: gossip

Belen Rodriguez unleashed panic at the airport in Milan! The host of Tu Sì que vales was leaving with the daughter Luna Marì. Sole insoles the two of them, as she wrote herself on Instagram a few hours ago. Belen posted a photo in which Luna Marì is in the stroller and they are surrounded by luggage. She wrote that only the two of them were leaving for a trip, without Santiago either Stefano De Martino. And perhaps Stefano himself would have intervened to stop her, perhaps, when the showgirl started a quarrel with the paparazzi.

It was to make the story known The Pipol on Instagram. In the news we read that Belen left Milan Linate a little while ago with her daughter Luna Marì, but not before having triggered panic. Apparently Belen would not have liked the presence of the paparazzi. At first she would have asked the flight attendants for help, then she would have come forward in the first person against the photographers. However, the discussion attracted the attention of the other passengers present and waiting for the flight.

Rodriguez would have asked not to be photographed otherwise she would have called the police. “You can’t photograph me at the airport”, these would be his words. The photographers explained to her that in reality, shots of public figures are also allowed at the airport. Belen was very nervous and went to the police. Only their intervention seems to have succeeded in calming her. Rodriguez would have asked them to confirm that it was not possible to photograph someone at the airport. In short, she was convinced of what she was saying.

The police, however, brought Belen back down to earth and explained that photos at the airport are allowed, and how. Then the paparazzi resumed taking pictures, they continued to carry out their profession. Belen left without replying, but apparently she was obviously irritated and annoyed. A fight that she could have avoided, in any case. Under the post on Instagram with the gossip, moreover, not a few have written that Belen has become Belen thanks to the paparazzi.

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