The attack against Cristina Kirchner fails, after the attacker is caught –

The attacker, a 35-year-old Brazilian, was arrested: he tried to hit the vice president and former president of Argentina in the head in front of the house but the bullet did not go off

Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner escaped an attack in Buenos Aires. A man “pointed the gun to her head, she tried to pull the trigger but the shot did not go off” reconstructed the president Alberto Fernández in a message on national television defining the incident “the worst accident since we got democracy back»In 1983.


The murder attempt was caught on surveillance cameras. Several TV channels have broadcast the image of a man approaching Kirchner with a pistol and aiming for her head but the shot does not go off. She had just gotten out of the car that had taken her to her house in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Cristina Kirchner was greeting her supporters when a man came out of the crowd waiting to greet her.
The assailant put a gun in her face. She covered her face but the shot didn’t go off. President Alberto Fernández said the gun was loaded with five bullets.

The attacker, who local media identified as a 35-year-old Brazilian, was arrested. Investigators are trying to identify the motive for the attack.

S.eight process

Kirchner was on his way home from court: he’s in the middle of a bribery trial: is accused of abusing her authority to award public contracts to Lazaro Antonio Baez, owner of a construction company, during her two presidential terms, from 2007 to 2015.

On August 22, a federal prosecutor demanded that Kirchner be sentenced to 12 years in prison and banned from holding public office indefinitely. Since then, hundreds of her supporters have gathered outside her home in protest.
Kirchner is also president of the Senate and enjoys parliamentary immunity: he cannot be jailed unless his sentence is ratified by the country’s Supreme Court, or if he loses his seat in the Senate in the upcoming elections at the end of 2023. Kirchner has faced numerous other corruption trials after his term as president.

Bipartisan condemnation

The attack on the vice president was condemned not only by the government but also by the opposition coalition Together for Change, which asked for an investigation into the facts. “Now the situation needs to be analyzed by our forensic staff,” announced Security Minister Anibal Fernandez.

President Fernández called for today a day of national holiday to give the Argentines time to “express themselves in defense of life, democracy and in solidarity with our vice president”.

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