The cat Misty and that bowl friendship with the mouse that came out of nowhere

Eat from the same bowl. It is already rare among brothers, let alone between different species. Yet a mouse made friends with a cat and even managed to convince him to share the kibble.

The feline in question is called Misty and has been living for a few months with Gilly Rudrum, 65, and her husband Tony, 71, in the countryside of Thornbury, England. It is not uncommon for some mice to enter their farm, but never before had they seen one so enterprising.

To immortalize the unusual scene was Tony, who accidentally entered the kitchen and attended the convivial lunch between cat and mouse, not at all disturbed by his presence. Misty has three bowls at her disposal, one for water and the other for kibble and wet food. She always has the food available to her, so it was not a problem for her to share the ration.

The couple then recounted the hilarious episode on social media, knowing they had found the “real-life Tom and Jerry”. “Maybe Misty is vegan and she thought the mouse was a little friend to play with,” they joked. But the biggest surprise was that the mouse wasn’t intimidated by the cat at all. Were they long-time friends?

Misty, in fact, was a country cat: the couple found her wandering around the farm last June. So they decided to open first the doors of their home and then also those of their heart, broken by the recent loss of their beloved fifteen year old cat. Misty’s presence was an immediate relief for the couple, but if they thought she would keep the rodents away, they hadn’t yet come to terms with her unusual friendships.


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