the chef comes out into the open

Damiano Carrara and Chiara Maggenti do not lose the ‘vice’; even on vacation the couple, but especially the husband, does not waste time to start over.

The face of Cake Star, pastry chefs in challenge and one of the judges of Bake off enjoys his first vacation as a married man. Will this be the real honeymoon of newlyweds? The couple had to wait before they could enjoy some relaxation; between the commitments with the laboratory that involves both of them, and his television ones, the time available was very little. Chiara and Damiano managed to carve out some time for them.

Damiano Carrara as a chef (WebSource)

It is shortly until the end of the journey, then they too will have to return to the usual routine made up of work commitments and gymnasium, but if on the one hand the holiday ends, on the other Chiara and Damiano will be able to hug Paco, the couple’s four-legged puppy. Despite the distance, the newlyweds have made video calls with color who are taking care of the dog, the lack is too much. But there is more.

Damiano Carrara unstoppable even on vacation

Chiara Maggenti and Damiano Carrara went in South Africa to enjoy what we could call the real honeymoon. The pastry chef and the manager got married on July 9 in Lucca, unlike many couples, the two took a short trip and then went back to work. Finally, the time has come for them to enjoy some holidays and free time, but what happens when two people so busy and hectic are on vacation? Standing still is practically impossible.

The couple’s frenzy was suspended by bad weather, a downpour caused their activities to slow down. The two, instead of staying in the room and resting for a while, threw themselves into sport by taking advantage of the resort’s gym. But what are they hiding? To reveal it is Chiara who, between one abdominal and the other, confess that together with her husband they let themselves go; the two couldn’t resist pancakes and everything else. A bit of healthy training is a must even if, judging by the breathlessness of Carrara, it seems that they have already lost the rhythm: “Starting over is always hard”, says the pastry chef.
Eventually the two leave the gym to return to their room and prepare for the dinner scheduled for the evening; will not all this training be useless?

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