The contaminated and international Taranta embraces the public again: “space” night in Melpignano

MELPIGNANO – La Taranta re-embraces the public in a great feast of contamination and traditional sounds that become international: it was the bet announced by the concertmaster Dardust and that is what the show, staged on the big stage of Melpignano in the event that closes the twenty-fifth edition, he tried to materialize.

According to the public present, fed and motivated, and beyond the usual challenge on numbers (according to the organizers’ estimates, there would have been even 200 thousand to crowd the space in front of the former Augustinian Convent), the result seems to have been welcome.

A night of the “spatial” Taranta the one conducted with skill by Dardust, with a journey through time and places that starts from the tradition of the tambourine and touches new worlds and the futuristic sounds of electronics.

International guest of this edition Stromae who proposed his famous song “Alor On Danse”, with forays into popular music. The other guests are highly anticipated: Marco Mengoni, with his unmistakable voice, interpreted the traditional song “Klama”, moving and moving those present, before singing his success “Ma stasera”.

A performance of great energy also that of Elodie, who sang and danced the pizzica of San Vito on stage and then proposed her summer hit “Tribale” in a “pizzicata” version with tambourines.

On the stage of the Taranta concert the rapper Massimo Pericolo and especially Samuele Bersani in a poignant love song “Lu Ruciu de lu mare” and with his Chicco and Spillo. Then there is the incursion of the former concertmaster Madame.

A long night with the artistic direction of the Popular Orchestra of La Notte della Taranta, great protagonist of the Concertone and which saw the dance troupe engaged with 10 paintings signed by the choreographer Irma Di Paola to ignite the wonder with unique and engaging performances. A show capable of drawing and involving the public, even with the effects of lights: the typical lights of the traditional Salento festivals and with visual projections by Filippo Rossi and the anthropologist of the Italian designer Mauro Bubbico. An edition dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and his monumental research on the popular poetry of “Canzoniere Italiano”. The Melpignano show will be broadcast on Rai 1 on September 1st at 11.15pm.


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