The Crown 6, chosen the actors who will play William and Kate (Photo) T

It is now in its fifth season The Crownthe British and US production television series focusing on the life of Elizabeth II and on the royal family. Critically acclaimed since its first episode thanks also to the interpretations of its protagonists, The Crown has numerous awards to his creditincluding seven Golden Globes and eight Emmy Awards.

Two months after the fifth chapter, scheduled for November 2022, which will deal with what happened in the 90s, from Tony Blair to the tragic death of Lady Diana, the producers are already hard at work for the sixth season. According to what was reported by

The Crown 6 has identified the actors who will play the role of Prince William and of Kate Middleton. As reported Deadline, for the heir to the throne there will be two interpreters, so as to be able to cover more phases of his life.

Rufus Kampa will take on the role of the sixteen year old William, the similarity is striking. Don’t you also notice that the eldest son of the future king of England looks like the actor?

And McVeyinstead, he will play William at 21. What do you think?

For the role of Kate Middleton was chosen Meg Bellamy. With delicate features, the actress would have all the credentials to play the future consort of the Prince of England.

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