The cruelest Zodiac Sign in Love, don’t make him angry because it could ‘break your heart’

Breaking up a relationship is never easy, at any age. But beware, there is a zodiac sign more cruel than all the others.

OnLove were produced poems, songs, essays, novels, films and endless works of art. And the feeling more difficult to manage, the more beautiful to livewhich makes life magical, but also what it knows how to give so much pain.

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Exactly as it begins, a love can end. We never know when, or how, or why it happens, and every time it happens it is still a trauma. Each person experiences feelings differently, depending on the millions of variables that have built his or her own personality.

But according to astrologers there is one correlation between emotionality, character and the Zodiac sign. As we have reported in some articles, in fact, there are gods Signs more likely to be in a serious relationshipas well as others basically more “libertine”. There are Zodiac signs that know how to offer empathy and true friendshipwhile others “gnaw” behind envy and conspiracies.

But there is also a cruel Sign? Who knows how to “hurt” when he no longer loves? According to experts, yes. It’s at looking with “hindsight” is also an “unsuspected”.

The cruelest Zodiac Sign in Love, don’t make him angry because it could ‘break your heart’

When ends a relationship we will talk emptied, frustrated, weakened, as if they had us removed the soul. The experience is not pleasant for anyone, and especially at any age. At the same time, fortunately, we always manage to find the energy, a meaning to our existenceand the smile returns, the desire to live again, to start looking for the Soul Mate again.

There is a way and way to break up, and each story is unique. But according to astrologers some Zodiac signs have a way of ending the truly cruel relationship.

The Scorpiofor example, they understand love as a ‘very deep union. Unfortunately, however, they (almost) never trust completely. The risk is that when you end a relationship with them you have the idea of ​​not having it never really lived.

Almost the same thing happens with Acquariumthat maybe they don’t even start a “serious” story. Binding to a single soul, for them, is something too demanding and constricting. Falling in love with an Aquarius is really “risky”.

THE Sagittarius they Aries I’m this way freedom lovers that as soon as they see a crisis they do only one thing: the suitcases. But these are not, however, the cruelest signs. There is one we would probably never think of.

Let’s talk about the sign of Bull. Usually, the characteristics attributed to those born between April 21 and May 20 reveal anything but “nastiness”. The Taurus are basically calm, concrete, solid personalities that give certainties. In love, they give themselves completely to the partner and they prefer sincere relationships and true, not ends in themselves. In some ways, they are so “predictable” that – again according to astrologers – they find a place between the most boring signs of the zodiac.

So how is it possible that they also appear in the ranking among the most cruel? It actually looks like that blame both in their “Intellectual honesty”. The Taurus are wings and love i sincere feelings. They don’t claim “roller coasters” but they want certainties. But they hate lies. If they find that they are being made fun ofput aside calmness with extreme ease, and that’s when “troubles begin”.

The Taurus will never make a scene, or of jealousy or anything else. They will try in every way to make the relationship work, even putting themselves on the line without fear. But they know how to “smell” their partner’s intentions well. As soon as they hear the lie, they begin to plot “revenge”.

The Taurus will succeed in a short time take away everything he has given, with a merciless coldness. The naive person who thinks he has tricked him will find himself excluded from everything. With a “click”. And then maybe he will understand that he has wrong, to have taken the love of a Taurus for granted. And he will – most likely – find himself with broken heart.

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